The AIA Hong Kong Branch 45th Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at 7:30pm at The Chinese Restaurant, Craigengower Cricket Club (CCC), 188 Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley. 

During the AGM, five Executive Committee members were elected, they are Mr Fung Wai Ying, Mr Ho Chi Wai Savio, Dr Ho Mook Lam William, Mr Wong Ping Yuen Fred and Mr Wong Yiu Shing Simon.

After the AGM, the first Executive Committee Meeting was held afterward which elected the office bearers, consultants and co-opted members.

Executive Committee for year 2020/2021

President: Dr Ho Mook Lam, William FAIA              

Vice President : Mr Ho Chi Wai, Savio FAIA  and Mr Wong Ping Yuen, Fred FAIA

Hon. Treasurer: Mr Hui Hon Chung, William FAIA               

Hon. Secretary: Mr Tsui Chi Yuen, Terence FAIA                 

UK Representative: Mr Jong Koon Sang FAIA                      

Members of Executive Committee                          

Mr Chan Chun Yu, Alex AAIA
Ms Chan Mei Mei, May FAIA                         
Dr Chan Ying Kwok FAIA                              
Mr Chiu Ho Man, Ebony FAIA                       
Ms Chu Choi Ha, Karen FAIA                        
Mr Fung Wai Ying FAIA                                
Mr Li Cheung Hung, James FAIA                              
Mr Lo Wing Hing, Simon FAIA                                 
Mr Wong Man Kit, George FAIA                               
Mr Wong Yiu Shing, Simon FAIA                              

Co-opted Members                          

Ms Cheung Chi Wai, Anna FAIA                               
Mr Lok Tong Man, Tommy FAIA                               
Mr Yeung Chik Hang, Antoninus AAIA                     

Congratulations to all who were elected and the AIA Hong Kong Branch on another successful year.