On Time To Talk Day, AIA has signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge and agreed to an Employer Action Plan that puts best-practice interventions and policies in place to help staff work in ways that promote a positive mental wellbeing.


The Time to Change Employer Pledge is a commitment to changing the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace and operates to end mental health discrimination.  AIA will be implementing an approach that combines additional resources, information and guidance with training to help tackle mental health stigma, as well as introducing initiatives that support mental health and wellbeing.

Philip Turnbull, AIA chief executive said: “Our employees are our greatest asset, and we’re committed to creating and nurturing a workplace culture that allows our people to thrive. A key part of our strategy is to create a safe, welcoming environment for our employees, where they feel empowered, listened to and that they can make a difference. Raising awareness of mental health issues and breaking down the stigma of talking about mental health at work is essential to achieving this goal and we’re fully committed to Time to Change and implementing our Employer Action Plan.”