Accelerating access to the accountancy profession is one of AIA’s main strategic goals and we are working with our partners throughout the world to reduce inequality and gender inequality in education.

AIA President, Les Bradley said: "AIA wholeheartedly support the Global Campaign for Education and through its own initiatives works to support education as a basic human right.

"Education is a key component in delivering economic growth, reducing poverty and increased health and well-being, and therefore it is vital that we recognise that by providing a strong educational foundation we support growth in many other areas. AIA works to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of accessing the accountancy profession based on merit, not background and is a member of Access Accountancy, which aims to deliver real change and welcome talented and ambitious young people to the profession from all backgrounds, supporting social mobility. Outside the UK, AIA’s work as an Accredited Commonwealth Organisation seeks to promote the professionalisation of youth work by supporting youth work education and training and setting competency standards throughout the Commonwealth and we will continue to use our knowledge and influence to deliver education for all."