As a hugely successful Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) draws to a close, AIA is delighted to have had the opportunity to participate, meet and engage with our 57 commonwealth partners from around the globe. The event which ran from 16 – 20 April in Locations throughout London including Buckingham Palace, Marlborough House, Guildhall and Lancaster House provided the AIA with the opportunity to further understand the needs of our commonwealth partners, whilst highlighting the importance of ongoing financial education.

As part of the event the AIA attended the Formal Opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 19 April 2018 as well as forums focused on Business, People and Youth.

AIA Chief Executive, Philip Turnbull who attended the events on behalf of the AIA, commented “As always it has been an absolute pleasure attending and contributing to the Commonwealth. I firmly believe we are at a point in time when the Commonwealth can increase its global influence and lead the world on topics such as human rights, business and education.”  

The Commonwealth and AIA have many shared values which enable us to promote democracy and good governance, human rights and the rule of law, gender equality and sustainable economic and social development and a commitment to improve the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth. All values which have been discussed in some depth over the course of the CHOGM.

The Business Forum

The Business Forum addressed the CHOGM 2018 theme 'Towards a common future', focussing on six key areas; accessing modern financial services, easing the pathway for business and growth, harnessing Commonwealth technology and innovation, creating a new attitude to sustainable business, mobilising an export economy and attracting inward investment.


Delivering a Prosperous Commonwealth for All: How can we strengthen the Commonwealth advantage with its shared values, regulatory systems and language - to increase intra-Commonwealth trade and can reduce the cost of doing business between member countries.

Rebuilding Trust in Business: How to we restore public confidence in business?

AIA acts in the public interest to ensure public confidence in the accountancy profession; we achieve this through promoting best practice, high professional standards and ethics.

The People’s Forum Politics of Hope: Taking on Injustice in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) brought together civic voices from around the world to debate key issues facing Commonwealth people.

Held every two years in the run-up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), the CPF is the single largest opportunity for civil society to engage with Commonwealth leaders on global development issues.

More than 350 delegates from 53 Commonwealth countries and beyond attended.

Sharing insights on how businesses, civil society and governments can play a role in delivering a fairer, more prosperous, secure and sustainable future for everyone in the Commonwealth.

AIA believes in opportunity, quality, diversity, accountability and transparency, and these principles are reflected in everything that we, our members, students and partners do. In addition, AIA believe in the high quality provision of financial education as a means of tackling inequality and improving social mobility.

Youth Forum

The Commonwealth Youth Forum provided an opportunity for the young people of the Commonwealth to build cross-cultural connections and networks, debate the challenges facing its young people, and agree youth-led initiatives to influence decision makers and ensure young people have a voice in its future.

The 2018 Youth Forum’s theme of “Powering Our Common Future” reflected the CHOGM theme of “Towards a Common Future” and illustrated the powerful potential of young people across the Commonwealth in devising solutions to complex global challenges as well as their ability to bring forward meaningful recommendations to the Heads of Government meeting.

Sessions: Developing entrepreneurial and emplyment skills

AIA is dedicated to delivering world leading qualifications that adhere to our core principles and standards. For our student population we aim to deliver challenging, innovative and empowering qualifications that form the basis of a long and rewarding career in finance, whilst providing a wider learning experience that prepares students for the business environment.

Formal Opening

AIA had the honour of attending the Formal Opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 19 April 2018. Her Majesty The Queen hosted the Opening of CHOGM 2018 and attended by Heads of Government, Foreign Ministers and a variety of specially invited guests.

Foreign Ministers’ Roundtable at Lancaster House

On Friday 20 April 2018 AIA proudly attended the roundtable as one of a number of commonwealth stakeholders, including accredited organisations, representatives from civil society and CIGOs.

The roundtable offered a forum for lively debate with foreign ministers on a range of topics.



Commonwealth Week