Those who are working towards a career in accounting can look forward to a varied and successful career ahead. 

The ever changing roles on offer and the continued professional development when part of a professional accounting body mean that you have the opportunity to travel the globe.  The accounting bodies have variant papers applicable for the areas you may want to work in. There is also the added advantage of the essential role that an accountant plays in a business.  Every company out there needs one so even in the current economic climate; job security shouldn’t be an issue.  Accountants can earn a very lucrative salary and also have the option of opening their own accountancy practice.

The amount of money that an accountant earns varies for several reasons. In some cases, the earnings are based on the type of company the individual works in. For example, those who work in a small business will likely earn less than those who work in a larger, corporate entity. Those who work in some industries earn more as well, simply because the company is earning more.

Another factor that plays a role in the process is the actual type of job done by the individual. Those who are doing tasks to manage the entire company’s accounting needs will be paid more than those who may only be handling the tax aspects of the job. The more diversification in the field, the less potential earning the individual will have.

If you are still at school and considering going to University and then into a career in accounting then do your research. The Professional Accounting Bodies will award more exemptions to an Accounting or Accounting and Finance degree than an Economics or Business degree. 

They will likely have an exemption database so you can check out the exemptions available on successful completion of your degree.

You may want to study Professional Accounting Bodies exams or transfer from an accounting technician to a professionally qualified accountant.

Whichever route you choose, you are on the path to an exciting and rewarding career. Most accountants have a 9 to 5 job without working weekends although there will be busy periods such as year-end. 

When compared to other corporate jobs, accountants and auditors tend to earn more than those who are working in other aspects of business and financial operations. They earn nearly double that of the average wage in the country as well. This could be the ideal career path for you.

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