29 June 2020
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29 September 2014
© Vnarong | - China Dragon Photo

BEIJING - China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced Sunday that it would issue two more batches of electronic savings bonds totalling 30 billion yuan (about $4.92 billion) in October this year.

29 September 2014
Shanghai ID 48834668 © Kurtzky |

BEIJING - The Chinese government will lift restrictions on foreign investment for 27 businesses, from green tea to civil airplane engines, in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ).


The Shanghai FTZ will be temporarily exempt from restrictions on foreign investment in businesses like shipping, automobile, civil aviation and infrastructure development, according to a State Council statement published on Sunday.

29 September 2014
© Mrallen | - Flag Of Taiwan Photo

It has been an irreversible trend that cross-border investment takes the advantages of tax treaties to seek the purpose of fair competition and mutual benefit for both parties. Taiwan has been striving to break through the political restrictions and already reached 27 international tax treaties though negotiations were not easy. In the era of global income tax and anti-tax avoidance check, the authorities concerned has been making great efforts to build a tax-friendly environment for international companies.

26 September 2014
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SHANGHAI - The Shanghai free trade zone (FTZ) and the negative list approach have made it easier for foreign companies to enter the Chinese market, the head of the FTZ said on Friday.

25 September 2014
© Mrallen | - Flag Of The Peoples Republic Of China Photo

BEIJING - China's commercial banks are facing increased non-performing loans but the risks are generally manageable, analysts and industry insiders have said.