Beijing National Accounting Institute

AIA Partnership with Beijing National Accounting Institute

In recent years BNAI has formed an education and training system encompassing degree education, training, and e-learning. BNAI is privileged to have a strong faculty with proficient theoretical background and rich practical experience. Since the establishment of the Institute, BNAI has adhered to the mission of taking honesty as the starting point, attaching high importance to integrity and upholding standards. BNAI has trained a large number of high-level accounting and auditing professionals for China's macro-economic management departments, large/medium-sized enterprises and social intermediary organisations.

The collaboration with AIA will provide AIA members with a platform from which to undertake up to 40 hours of CPD per year, from a selection of 100 hours worth of courses.

“The collaboration between AIA and BNAI has meant I have been able to submit my annual CPD declaration in a timely manner by undertaking high quality online CPD. I would strongly encourage AIA members to take advantage of these fantastic free online CPD courses.”

Mr Haijian Chen, AIA Associate Member

Courses Include:

  • Accounting issues in merger and acquisitions.
  • Interpretation of Government accounting standards - basic standards.
  • Internal Audit process optimization.
  • Investment Audit of Capital construction.
  • Evaluation of Equity Investment fund partnership.
  • Tax issues for PPP projects.

In order to take advantage of this CPD, AIA members in good standing should contact us.

If you wish to take advantage of this CPD, but you currently have outstanding subscriptions, please go to My AIA in order to pay your outstanding balance.