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Latest Insights

We work with businesses that are just getting started or just hitting a period of growth every day and one common frustration among passionate owners is servers: what they are, when they are needed, and how to go about getting one.

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming to know when your small business is ready for a server. If you use two or more computers to share scanners,  or internet access, a small business server will benefit you. Servers not only make things simpler, but they also boost your business security and productivity.

Before servers became widely available, only large organizations were able to afford servers. Today, servers are easy to implement and affordable. Servers store, process, manage and send data 24/7.


Here are signs that your business is ready for a server:

  • You store important data and files that should be protected from unauthorized access, loss, or corruption in two or more computers.
  • Accounting programs and customer relationship management software are needed to communicate with vendors and customers.
  • Managing several versions of a single file is necessary for business operations.
  • More than one computer needs to share internet access, fax machines and other office equipment and resources.
  • A central communication system is needed to share information with clients, staff and vendors and organize group meetings.
  • You want to access your computer files from anywhere without any problem, backup important files on several computers or restore previous versions of files or files that were accidentally deleted.
  • Employees need to share software tools.
  • Control access of employees to files and data

If there are times when you cannot access your files or shared resources, you have trouble finding information quickly, you want to protect your files from malware and viruses or there’s not enough storage space, you should consider installing a server.

How a Server Will Change your Business Operations

Improved Performance

A server allows you to share and access information and resources anytime and anywhere with no effect on performance. It can serve as the main storage space for the latest file versions. You can configure it to arrange and manage network resources. Anyone can get the required resources whenever they need it.


Servers can help you control your staff’s access to data. You can control who has access to what, keeping private information from unauthorized personnel. A server can manage and secure computers on the network from one location, so you can have peace of mind.

It also allows you to create a backup of your files from a central location, allowing you to resume normal business activities if a disaster such as a storm hits your area.

Centralized Updates

A server can update every computer on the network at the same time. You do not need to open each computer and install the updates one by one. With a server, you save time and money in the long run. You can configure the server to guarantee safe, remote access to software applications and files.  This allows you and your employees to work anytime and from anywhere.

A properly installed and maintained server will improve your productivity and keep your company safe and help you succeed.


About the Author: Erik Dy

Erik Day has been at Dell for over 20 years. Erik has held multiple sales, merchandising and marketing leadership roles in his tenure at Dell which has taken him to 25+ countries over 5 continents and is now the SVP of Global SB Sales.

As environmental sustainability and climate action continue to set organizations apart, few business maxims seem more applicable. Everything in the world is connected. Companies that ignore this do so at their own peril. It’s more important than ever for organizations to prioritize initiatives that help them achieve their sustainability goals. It’s what customers, partners, and investors expect—and you need to have a clear strategy for success.

72% of CEOs globally say sustainability is an immediate priority.

79% of corporate IT leaders say sustainability is an “important” factor in equipment planning and procurement.

Sustainable IT: Technology That Makes a Difference

High-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning—the “revolutionary” digital technologies we now have at our fingertips—are growing more powerful by the day. So how can these and other innovative tools help companies tackle the biggest challenges associated with the climate crisis? The answer depends on the organization, but it always starts with IT.

Choosing IT Equipment: Sustainability Matters

As organizations look to reduce their impact on the environment by cutting emissions, minimizing waste, and becoming more efficient overall, many are now insisting their partners adopt similar measures in their own operations.

The logic behind doing so is solid: if you’re going to take responsibility for how your company’s actions affect the lives of people for generations to come, it’s important to ensure the organizations you do business with aren’t compromising your mission.

For IT departments, this boils down to choosing to work with vendors that offer technology solutions in line with your organization’s sustainability goals. These companies should be focused on their own carbon footprints and have programs in place to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability should be embedded in their technologies, part and parcel of everything they sell.

Among the many questions, an IT department might ask in determining whether a vendor meets its sustainability needs:

Product materials: What is the product made of? Does it include components made from sustainably sourced and/or recycled materials? Can these materials themselves be reused or easily recycled when the device is decommissioned? Learn More.

Product packaging: Is the product packaged in a way that minimizes waste? Is this packaging derived from recycled or renewable materials, and is it recyclable itself? See Video.

Product energy consumption: What are the power requirements of the product? Is it designed to be as energy efficient as possible? Learn More.

Product repairability/re-usability: If the product breaks, can it be fixed without compromising performance and employee productivity? Are parts easily accessible and replaceable? Does the vendor provide a service for keeping products in circulation once their original owners no longer need them? Does the vendor offer remote diagnostics and repair services that minimize or eliminate the need for workers to commute to a dedicated IT service depot? More info on Recycling and Disposal and Recovery.

Productivity: Will the product allow you to be more productive, thereby reducing the need for power consumption? Meet our product for Business Performance and Collaboration.

83% of corporate IT decision-makers
say it’s important for their firm to track
a vendor’s carbon footprint and sustainability

Choosing a Procurement Model: Flexibility Drives Sustainability

While the way a product is made is important, so too is the approach a department takes to put that device to use. By implementing an “as-a-service” procurement model that allows it to scale as an organization grows, it can reduce waste, move end-of-life management to the vendor, and potentially realize significant cost savings.

Also known as “aaS” or “XaaS,” as-a-Service makes it easy for organizations to fine-tune their use of IT resources. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), for example, a company can slash its on-prem energy requirements by leveraging cloud and virtual infrastructure resources provided over the internet. PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) can provide similar benefits by optimizing an organization’s computer fleet: the IT department leases PCs—and software, if applicable—on a subscription basis, and the vendor takes back the equipment at end-of-life to either recycle or reuse it.

End-to-End Sustainability with Dell Technologies

While IT departments clearly have a wide range of vendors with whom they can choose to work, that list narrows considerably once sustainability becomes a factor.

At Dell Technologies, our commitment to sustainability is core to everything we do, and we believe the products we make should help our customers become more sustainable as well. Our mission: to help our customers drive climate-positive solutions to achieve their sustainability goals through the power of the industry’s broadest and most innovative products and services designed to reduce waste, energy and emissions.

Working together and providing customers with eco-friendly tech and solutions that put the environment at the forefront is the new industry standard. Dell and Intel aim to continue to lead by example and make our social impact a positive one. Reach your sustainability goals with advanced technology and solutions from Intel and Dell. Let’s work together to drive innovation while making a lasting impact on our planet.

Learn more about sustainable devices and infrastructure at Dell Technologies powered by Intel®.

Connect with the team at; we’d be delighted to support! 

Dell is on the innovation journey with a vision for the future of work in - and beyond - the office.

Taken from Glen Robson’s blog The Future of Work Reimagined

In early 2020, we talked about our vision for “intelligent companion” devices. We shared how PCs will become more aware of their own condition, location, surroundings, level of security and capabilities. We also showcased how multi-screen devices have the potential to unlock new ways of working and increase productivity. We continue to explore different ways technologies like cloud, 5G and artificial intelligence will come together to improve the PC experience.

These intelligent, personalized, immersive and modern experiences are core to all Dell does—and they will continue to take centre stage as we look to the future of hybrid work. Our innovation journey continues, and we’d like to share some of our visions for the future of work in – and beyond – the office.

Office experiences of the future

For more than a decade, we’ve built a culture around the idea that work is outcomes based and not anchored to a specific place or time. The future of work will be a hybrid model where employees work from various locations aligned to work schedules and lifestyle. This hybrid model will change the physical office layout significantly. Offices will be re-imagined to foster collaboration. Think reservation-based workspaces and collaboration areas instead of cubicles or permanent desks. Team members will frequently transition in-and-out, as well as around, workspaces.

Dell is exploring intuitive workplace technologies and concepts to help with this future office experience. As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to features that make our lives easier. Whether it’s our speakers adapting to the music we’re streaming, our cars unlocking as we approach them, or smart thermostats knowing if we’re at home and adjusting the temperature accordingly. That’s the same level of experience we are exploring for our office environment.

This could be a typical office experience within the next couple of years, and we want to help organizations create a seamless experience from the moment a team member chooses to head into the office.

Beyond the office

We know first-hand that customers need solutions that adapt to the space around them to do their best work – whether that be on the go or moving between various rooms in the home. Technology should empower us and make collaboration easier, not disrupt our productivity – that’s why features like connectivity and battery life remain important wherever customers choose to base themselves.

As we look to the future, we’ve taken our multi-screen concepts journey a step further as we know screen real estate can improve multitasking, productivity, and collaboration. In the future, extra displays will act as a constant window to socialize and exchange ideas.

Looking forward to our hybrid future

We’re excited about the future of hybrid work – how we worked yesterday will not be how we work tomorrow. While we do not have plans to launch these concepts as products immediately, we can promise you one thing: we’ll continue to look at ways to combine innovative device design, materials, software, and cutting-edge technologies to create the best customer experiences possible.

About the Author: Glen Robson

Glen Robson is the CTO for Dell Technologies’ Client Solutions Group, where he leads the Experience Innovation Group comprised of Design, Architecture, Technology and Strategy teams.

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