Net Lawman is an alternative to instructing a solicitor when you need a legal document.

Download document templates from our website and create contracts, agreements, minutes and notices yourself - quickly, conveniently and inexpensively. Print, date and sign to execute. If you would like reassurance that your edited contract holds water, you can use our document review service to have our in-house legal team check for errors and suitability. Our documents come with detailed guidance notes so that you don't need knowledge of the law to write a professional, legally binding document.

Net Lawman operate in seven countries:

Advantages of Net Lawman

Whereas high street solicitor fees for a document run into thousands of pounds and work takes a couple of weeks, the typical cost of our service is £250 and a review can be turned around within two working days. After purchase, a document template will be in your e-mail inbox within minutes and can be edited by you in hours.

Net Lawman documents are written to exceed the requirements of solicitors for coverage of legal provisions, but to be easy enough to edit so that anyone not trained in the law can create their own contracts. We write our documents in plain English. This not only makes editing a document easy, but also in many cases strengthens the legal effect. Documents are structured so that they can be edited by deletion without worrying about cross referenced paragraphs. Documents include, wherever possible, commercial and practical options that provide additional value. The drafting team has extensive experience as solicitors in practice, but also as owners and managers of businesses. Many competitors, and even many solicitors in practice, provide only the minimum requirements for a legal framework.

Our licence agreement allows you to use our document templates in your own business, and if you are in practice, you can also use them as part of an extended service offering to your clients. The licence agreement also allows you to use a template multiple times. So you can buy once and edit the original template for different clients or deals (if the law changes, you'll need to buy an updated version).

Using Net Lawman documents

We have the largest library of contracts and agreements available for download on an individual document by document basis. The situations in which you could use our templates are diverse and numerous - we cover the entire business lifecycle. Here are a few examples of documents we stock:

  • Those needed to structure and administer a business such as partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and company meeting notices and minutes
  • Employment agreements and employment termination letters
  • Agreements for the sale and purchase of goods and services, from fashion clothing to accountancy consultancy, online and offline
  • Documents to support business transactions: loan agreements, employment agreements, equipment leases, guarantees and indemnities
  • Business expansion agreements: sales agency contracts, franchise agreements, intellectual property licences and introducer agreements
  • Business sale agreements

As examples, you can use a Net Lawman employment contract when hiring your own employees, or you can provide your client with a customised set of articles of association as part of an incorporation service, or put in place supporting documentation for transactions in the accounts. Find the legal document you need either by typing the name into the search box on the home page or any other page, or browse through our legal document library.

If you need help finding a document, or have questions about the offer for AIA members, just let us know.

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