Tolley is working in partnership with AIA to provide tax technical information to all AIA members to help you fulfil your CPD requirements and stay on top of the latest developments in tax and accountancy in a cost effective way.

AIA Practising Certificate members will receive free access to Tolley Tax Library and Tolley Seminars online

Every aspect of tax and accountancy covered

A subscription to Tolley Library provides you with online access to all the tax and accountancy information your organisation could need. Browse consolidated UK tax legislation, accountancy standards and principles, and UK tax cases, along with commentary and analysis from our in-house experts.

Simple search and browse functionality

Natural language search and dynamic filters allow you to find the right information, right away. Build your personalised selection of titles on the virtual bookshelf and narrow your search to just one or a handful of titles.

Cross-referencing to see the whole picture

Gain perspective with our instant cross-referencing tool. Use the tool to compare commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials. In addition, tailored email alerts and customised news pods keep you abreast of the latest news in your practice areas.

Commentary and analysis so you stay on top of developments

News alerts as developments happen, commentary and analysis on the latest developments in tax and specialist case summaries. Allowing you to find new opportunities for clients quickly, whilst ensuring the information you give is always accurate.

The bespoke Tolley Tax Library online bundle contains all the direct legislation and an overview of the entire tax system and then supplements this with tailored tax planning guidance for owner-managed businesses and individuals and includes:

  • Whillans Tax Tables
  • Tolley’s Tax Guide
  • Tax Computations
  • Tolley’s Tax planning for OMB
  • Tolley Income Tax
  • Tolley’s Estate planning
  • Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook 

Tolley Seminars Online gives you access to an online monthly programme of eight to ten short lectures on the latest issues and developments in personal and business tax. In addition, quarterly accounting and auditing updates further develop your knowledge and all count towards your CPD.