The AIA’s Examiner Conference, taking place on 24 January 2020, brings together AIA’s academic team – representatives from over 20 leading UK universities – and tutors, regulators, and online learning and assessment partners to discuss the final stages of the new AIA professional qualification, due to launch later this year.

The new professional qualification has been produced following extensive research into the financial skills sector and has resulted in an innovative new qualification format that provides a pathway to qualify as a professional accountant or statutory auditor with exceptional support services that come from being an AIA member. This new nationally and internationally recognised qualification supports progressive career development across all finance roles and with the introduction of a new ethics module places professional ethics at its heart.

The conference will include a workshop on computer-based exams, giving examiners the opportunity to see how AIA’s assessment software is used from both the exam-setting and candidate’s perspective and for the first time see the new qualification in conjunction with its learning materials, student support facilities and testing mechanisms.

Commenting prior to the event Les Bradley, AIA President said: "2020 is set to be a monumental year for the AIA as it launches both its new professional qualification and brand. Our academic team have worked tirelessly to produce an exceptional new professional qualification that will prepare students with the skills and abilities to become world-class accountants and I look forward to welcoming them at the AIA Examiner Conference. Embarking on a professional qualification is the first step in a very rewarding career and as AIA President I have seen the real benefits of AIA membership in providing the most in demand skills for accountants throughout the world."

AIA Chief Examiner, Philip Shrives added: "With the impending launch of the new AIA professional qualification, the 2020 AIA Examiner Conference is a critical event where, after years of research and development, examiners and moderators will see the real impact of their contributions on the next stage of the AIA’s development."

There will also be presentations on the Brydon Report and the recommendations that aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of audit and a review of the economy from a national and regional perspective from the Bank of England.