AIA Taiwan CPA Conversion Programme

Membership conversion programme for Professionals in Taiwan

AIA operates a conversion programme for members of the Federation of CPA Associations of Chinese Taiwan and the USA CPA in Taiwan to advance global opportunities.


This course course is open to all current qualified Taiwan CPA or USA CPA members, resident in Taiwan, who qualified by exam. The programme is not open to those who have gained their CPA membership on the basis of experience or other reciprocal arrangements.

The course is only available in Taiwan. 


The CPA Conversion programme consists of two topics: UK Company Law and International Financial Reporting Standards.

The programme is tested with a written exam.

AIA membership

On completion of the conversion course, successful candidates are eligible to apply for membership of AIA. All applications for AIA Associate Membership through the conversion programme must be submitted via Chung Shou Knowledge Management Global Learning Centre (CSKM).

Further information

The AIA CPA Conversion programme is run by Chung Shou Knowledge Management Global Learning Centre

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  • Interntional accreditation
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