To become a qualified accountant in the United Kingdom, the generally accepted route is to join a professional accountancy body and pass their professional exams.  Bodies also require their graduates to satisfy stipulated work experience requirements before acceptance to full membership and qualification. AIA has a number of routes into membership:

School Leavers


Not all students want to go to university, here at AIA we offer an alternative route for school leavers. Our independant interactive learning programme, AIA Achieve, allows school leavers to start working and studying straight after A-levels (or an international equivalent). Students are given access to resources and support to help in their studies and progress in their career.  Click here for more information.


Entry to exams is open all year round, if you've studied a professional accountancy degree, AIA offers paper-for-paper exemptions, meaning students don't repeat what they've already learnt. We strongly recommend students study through our interactive learning programme, AIA Achieve. Our programme provides support from e-tutors, as well as a personalised study planner which is tailored for your individual needs. Click here for more information.

 Part-qualified Accountants


AIA operates paper-for-paper exemptions for our exams, this is designed to reduce repetition for students who have already attained a accountancy qualification. Exemptions are based on the academic and professional qualifications of each individual student. At each stage of the exams, you will receive a qualification, rewarding your progression and giving you a qualification you can take to employers. Click here for more information.

 Qualified Accountant


If you already have a professional accountancy qualification, and have a proven track record of experience, you may be eligible for direct membership of the AIA. There are two levels of full AIA membership, Associate and Fellow, and direct entry is offered on a like for like basis. Click here for more information.



AIA Academic Membership is a unique category of membership, which entitles academics in the field of accounting access to the benefits and resources available through membership of a professional accountancy body. Click here for more information.