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Practical, engaging, cost effective online CPD

The UK tax and accounting environment is constantly changing to reflect the economic picture. For accountants, this requires ongoing research and analysis to keep up to date with the latest tax changes and to ensure you comply with accounting standards.

PTP provide this updating process via our live online seminars and on demand courses.

Online tax and accounting CPD

  • Live online seminars – run as half-day live seminars providing in-depth analysis and practical tips across each topic.
  • Live online bitesize seminars – 1¼ hours seminars run during the spring and autumn to give relevant updates on topical areas.
  • On demand courses – pre-recorded practical CPD training, allowing you to watch at a time that is convenient for you.

Live online and bitesize seminars

Our live online and bitesize seminars are written and presented in a way that you will find interesting and engaging while providing practical solutions to everyday tax and accounting issues. We encourage online delegate participation so that real-life issues and examples can be discussed.

Half-day seminar prices start from less than £50+VAT per delegate per seminar if bought as part of a package, with our bitesize courses priced from just £29+VAT per delegate.

Details of our complete seminar offering, including UK public venues, can be found here.

On demand courses

Our on demand courses are a range of dynamic CPD training products designed to give you practical training when you want it. Our flagship on demand courses are TAXtv and AccountingTV, which give a unique training experience in the style of a TV programme. TAXtv is available monthly while AccountingTV is a quarterly product. Free episodes of both programmes are available to download, so you can try before you buy.

In addition, we also have GDPR and Money Laundering Reporting online courses. These will make sure you comply with the relevant legislation. Each course takes you through the relevant regulations and how they apply to your practice, plus there is also an online test that you and your staff can take to demonstrate your understanding of the relevant laws.

You can watch them on your own or as part of a group, stopping each programme to take notes or discuss relevant points with others.

Prices for our on demand courses start from as little as £25+VAT per single licence.

More information and bookings

For more information about PTP and our range of seminars, online courses and practice support tools, please visit, or contact us at 01604 346245 or email

Latest Insights

Keeping up to speed with your CPD requirements is vital when advising clients and carrying out your day-to-day tax and accounting tasks, not to mention meeting your AIA CPD requirements.

At PTP, our spring programme of live online and on demand courses gives you a great choice of topics and training formats. Between March and the end of May, you can attend the following seminars:




Duration and format

Price per delegate

Quarterly Tax Update

Our flagship CPD seminar gives you the latest tax news and practical tips

Giles Mooney, Tim Good or Mark Ward

Half-day live online seminar, including 1 – 2 refreshment breaks


Spring Budget

Covering the key announcements raised during the Chancellor’s Budget on 15 March and the impact they may have on you or your clients

Giles Mooney

Part of our live online bitesize series, lasting 1¼ hours.


Dealing with Capital Allowances in an ever changing (tax rate) world

Focusing solely on capital allowances and the key aspects you need to be aware of

Mark Ward

Part of our live online bitesize series, lasting 1¼ hours.


Finance Bill

Looking at the practical implications of the recent tax announcements

Giles Mooney or Mark Ward

Half-day live online seminar, including 1 – 2 refreshment breaks


Annual Accounting Update

Ensuring that you comply with the latest accounting standards and providing practical tips on accurate financial reporting

Guy Loveday

Half-day live online seminar, including 1 – 2 refreshment breaks



Booking and package deals

PTP seminars are competitively priced and allow you to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of some of the UK’s most sought-after lecturers.

If you would like to make multiple bookings, please check out our package deals section of the website, where you can book half-day seminars from £50+VAT per delegate.

Further details of our seminar programme, including bookings and package deals can be found here.

On demand training

In addition to the above live online seminars, our Spring CPD offering includes monthly TAXtv episodes and our Spring issue of AccountingTV. There will also be a separate Budget TAXtv episode made available to subscribers.

Our on demand training options take the form of an hour long TV style programme that features topical discussions, key updates and practical tips.

Both programmes are available as annual subscriptions. Free episodes are available for download so you can experience the format before purchasing. More details can be found here.

Contact us

To find out more about our full CPD offering and to discuss which training options would best suit your needs, please call us at 01604 346245, email, or visit 

PTP has created a unique training product that helps accountants keep up to date with their CPD. The format also provides a valuable reference source that can be accessed throughout the subscription.

TAXtv (monthly) or AccountingTV (quarterly) are on demand online training resources which discuss the latest tax and accounting news. The one hour TV style programmes provide viewers with relevant discussions and updates, plus practical advice and tips that can be useful when advising clients.

The programmes are one of the most topical and adaptable forms of CPD available to accountants working within the UK tax and accounting system.

Flexible training

The TV programmes offer a flexible way to deliver CPD training. Users can download and watch the programmes on a choice of devices and at a time to suit them. Alternatively, tax or accounts teams can watch together, pause the programme, discuss the points raised and then move on to the next section.

TAXtv first launched 12 years ago, and many early adopters are still using the programmes as a vital part of their ongoing CPD.

Pricing and FREE episodes

Available on separate annual subscriptions, prices start from less than £50+VAT per office for AccountingTV and less than £100+VAT per office for TAXtv.

Sign up for a free episode to experience the programmes first-hand.

You can find further details about TAXtv or AccountingTV on PTP’s website or by calling 01604 346245 or emailing